Xian: Chasing a New Generation

Source: EEO Video Xian is an age-old ancient capital in

The Autumn Treats of Xi’an

Autumn in Xi’an is something truly special to behold. As

How to Verify Your Alipay

Since March 2019, online payment systems have tightened their regulations,

Interesting Facts about Xi’an

Today we share with you some interesting facts about Xi’an, some will blow your mind and some with give you an insight into different perspectives.

Coffee in Xi’an – The Daily Grind

Craving that one perfect brew of coffee in Xi’an? The

Camping Near Xi’ an

When most people think of Xi’an, they picture terracotta warriors and

Extreme sports in Xi’an

City life can sometimes get to be too much and

Vegan Restaurants in Xi’an

Xi’an is rich with Buddhist influences, so vegan restaurants and

Vegetarian Restaurants in Xi’an

Xi’an is rich with Buddhist influences, so vegetarian dishes and restaurants

Hairdressers in Xi’an

Finding worthy hands to entrust your locks into can be

How to Get your Driving License in Xi’an

In mainland China, you can’t drive with an International Driving

A Guide to Paying Utility Bills in Xi’an


Activities for Families in Xi’an

We all know Xi’an packs a cultural and historical punch,

Xi’an Kindergartens to Open on June 8

As the last batch of students (and even more parents) eagerly wait

The SMALL WAYS you can make BIG changes

The world generates at least 3.5 MILLION TONS of PLASTIC & other SOLID WASTE in just ONE day. 

Xi’an Metro Line 6 is on its Way

Good news! Metro Line 6, which will run southwest to northeast, is

Can you Imagine a World without Trees?

The world as we know it would literally CEASE TO

Stop COVID-19 Closing Your Xi’an Favorites

It’s becoming clearer by the day, that COVID-19 will impact

COVID-19: How To Use Xi’an’s Health App

This Health Code is usable for cities in Shaanxi province,

Xi’an Weekend Getaways

As the capital of Shaanxi Province. Xi’an is one of the oldest