2021 New Year Events in Xi’an

1. Hotels  Gran Meliá  12.31: New Year Countdown Night Date: December 31 Please Scan the QR Code for details. Address:曲江新区曲江池西路 1666 号1666 Qujiangchi West Road, Qu Jiang New District, Xi’an CityTel: (029) 6821 6666  Hilton Xi’an High-Tech Zone  12.31: New Year’s Eve Dinner

Xi’an Metro Lines 5, 6 & 9!

Big news!  Xi’an Metro has officially opened Line 5, Line 6 (phase 1) and Line 9! 2020年12月28日9点30分 西安地铁 5号线、6号线一期、9号线 正式投入载客服务! As of today, Xi’an has 8 metro lines, making it 9th in line for the longest metro (in terms of track length) nationwide.  目前,西安5、6、9三条地铁线将于年底前相继开通,届时,西安开通了地铁线路将达8条(含西安机场城际铁路),总里程数将跃至全国第9。

Viral LED Screen in Xi’an!

​Incredible LED screens in Xi’an has been going viral around the world ! Xi’an   西派国樾 CITYPARK   Xi’an Software New City, Hi-Tech District  This so-called stereoview 3D technology isn’t new – these tricks of the eyes can be traced back to the Renaissance, where three-dimensional pictures

Xi’an Metro Line 5! 西安地铁五号线!

Good news! On December 8, Xi’an Metro Line 5 launched a trial-ride experience for medias and citizens, as the first batch of passengers. According to the city plan, three of Xi’an’s metro lines, line 5, line 6 and line 9 will be

2020 Xi’an Christmas Events

If you’re spending Christmas in Xi’an this year then you’re in luck, as there is an abundance of events, parties, restaurant offers and delicious hotel dinners for you to get involved in in the city over the festive season. Reservations

Halloween Events in Xi’an 2020

​ Happy Halloween! 🕸️万圣节快乐🎃 We‘ve got all the events happening in Xi’an 嘿西安为你呈上 throughout the week 万圣节期间各类本地活动 Events range from horror shows to Halloween-themed beer nights! There’s something for everyone, depending on how much ghost and gore you can tolerate! Get your ghoul on this Halloween

Xian: Chasing a New Generation

Source: EEO Video Xian is an age-old ancient capital in Chinese history. In the Western Han Dynasty, it was the eastern starting point for the grand Silk Road. During the Sui and Tang dynasties, it became the largest city in

The Autumn Treats of Xi’an

Autumn in Xi’an is something truly special to behold. As the Fall sets in across our city, we thought we’d share some of the special delicacies, snacks and treats that warm our hearts – perhaps you’ll discover some you’ve never

How to Verify Your Alipay

Since March 2019, online payment systems have tightened their regulations, forcing many people to re-verify their info to use Alipay. Currently, the reason why both Alipay is asking some users to update their ID information is unknown. There has been

Hairdressers in Xi’an

Finding worthy hands to entrust your locks into can be a complicated process even without a language and culture barrier. We often have to resort to bringing a photo of the style we want or headshots from a few angles

How to Get your Driving License in Xi’an

In mainland China, you can’t drive with an International Driving Permit (IDP), nor with permits obtained in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. Written exams can be done in English in Xi’an Where to obtain your driving license in Xi’an: Xi’an

Xi’an Kindergartens to Open on June 8

As the last batch of students (and even more parents) eagerly wait to return to school, the Xi’an Municipal Education Commission announced on May 27, that qualified kindergartens in Xi’an will be able to gradually reopen,  starting from Monday June 8th.   5月27日上午,西安市教育局发布《关于做好2020年春季学期幼儿园开学工作的通知》,通知中提到, 6月8日(星期一)起,西安市具备开园条件的幼儿园可陆续开学。 Kindergartens may choose their opening date upon approval

The SMALL WAYS you can make BIG changes

The world generates at least 3.5 MILLION TONS of PLASTIC & other SOLID WASTE in just ONE day.  By 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish, and around 60% of our forests will have disappeared.  Sounds like too big of a problem right?  Well

Xi’an Metro Line 6 is on its Way

Good news! Metro Line 6, which will run southwest to northeast, is planned to be completed and put into trial operation by the end of 2020! The first batch of “sky blue” trains have arrived in Xi‘an on May 13. Currently, the

Can you Imagine a World without Trees?

The world as we know it would literally CEASE TO EXIST. And while it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which every tree on earth is cut down, we are DESTROYING THE TREES WE HAVE AT AN ALARMING RATE. In

Stop COVID-19 Closing Your Xi’an Favorites

It’s becoming clearer by the day, that COVID-19 will impact global, national, and local economies in quite a big and long way. In Xi’an, shops, gyms, restaurants, bars, hotels, and private schools, are really starting to hurt. At HeyXian we

COVID-19: How To Use Xi’an’s Health App

This Health Code is usable for cities in Shaanxi province, including Xi’an. Search “WeChat” in your app store, download it, then register with your phone number to acquire a WeChat account. After logging in, scan QR code down below which will

Xi’an Weekend Getaways

As the capital of Shaanxi Province. Xi’an is one of the oldest cities in China, and the oldest of the Four Great Ancient Capitals. The city held the position under several of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, including Western Zhou,

COVID-19: Xi’an Public Schools Openings

Finally, things are certainly getting closer to normality in the city! Many malls, gyms, restaurants, bars and other venues have re-opened, and it hopefully won’t be for too long until kids can go back to school, and events start popping

COVID-19: What’s Closed (and Open) in Xi’an

[Updated April 14] To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Xi’an, lots of touristic spots and business are also closed till further notice. All events and public gatherings are cancelled, and this will still take a while. Restaurants and