The SMALL WAYS you can make BIG changes

The world generates at least 3.5 MILLION TONS of PLASTIC & other SOLID WASTE in just ONE day.  By 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish, and around 60% of our forests will have disappeared.  Sounds like too big of a problem right?  Well

Xi’an Metro Line 6 is on its Way

Good news! Metro Line 6, which will run southwest to northeast, is planned to be completed and put into trial operation by the end of 2020! The first batch of “sky blue” trains have arrived in Xi‘an on May 13. Currently, the

Can you Imagine a World without Trees?

The world as we know it would literally CEASE TO EXIST. And while it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which every tree on earth is cut down, we are DESTROYING THE TREES WE HAVE AT AN ALARMING RATE. In

Stop COVID-19 Closing Your Xi’an Favorites

It’s becoming clearer by the day, that COVID-19 will impact global, national, and local economies in quite a big and long way. In Xi’an, shops, gyms, restaurants, bars, hotels, and private schools, are really starting to hurt. At HeyXian we

COVID-19: How To Use Xi’an’s Health App

In order to cope with the COVID-19, China Government Network, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Health and Medical Commission launched the “Outbreak Itinerary and Control Itinerary Certification” mini-program to assist people in proving their most recent

Xi’an Weekend Getaways

As the capital of Shaanxi Province. Xi’an is one of the oldest cities in China, and the oldest of the Four Great Ancient Capitals, having held the position under several of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, including Western Zhou, Qin,

COVID-19: Xi’an Public Schools Openings

Finally, things are certainly getting closer to normality in the city! Many malls, gyms, restaurants, bars and other venues have re-opened, and it hopefully won’t be for too long until kids can go back to school, and events start popping

COVID-19: What’s Closed (and Open) in Xi’an

[Updated April 14] To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Xi’an, lots of touristic spots and business are also closed till further notice. All events and public gatherings are cancelled, and this will still take a while. Restaurants and

China Closing its Borders to Foreigner

突发 : 自3月28日零时起,暂时停止外国人持目前有效来华签证和居留许可及多个商务旅行、口岸及入境免签入境。 BREAKING : From March 28th on, China will temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals. 中华人民共和国外交部、国家移民管理局 关于暂时停止持有效中国签证、居留许可的外国人入境的公告 2020-03-26 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China National Immigration Administration Announcement on the Temporary Suspension of Entry

12 Ways to Earn Money Online from China

With our work start dates getting pushed back weekly here in China, who knows when we’ll actually get our next full paycheck… hopefully your company gives “extended holiday” pay! Or maybe you’re already working from home? Anyways, in the meantime,

COVID-19 Myth Busters 这些谣言到底是真是假?

The Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan has led a lots of people to seek advice in WeChat groups, to appease their anxieties – however as we’re sure you’ve noticed, this can create a lots of unverified and contradictory information. And lots of panic.  Misinformation during this

A Look into Wuhan during the Coronavirus

How’s life for people in Hubei province, especially in Wuhan during the outbreak? We’ve selected some touching pictures, just like the banner says: “Be moderate. Don’t stress. Don’t panic. Keep calm. Carry on as normal.”. Let us pray for Wuhan

Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare in Xi’an

To effectively prevent and control the current pneumonia epidemic of a new coronavirus, Shaanxi Province initiated the level-1 public health emergency plan on January 25. Although nationwide COVID-19 control efforts have achieved initial results, but the turning point is yet

PSB offices in Xi’an

There are 16 Exit-Entry Administration Division of Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau now, below are the info: You can also follow the official WeChat platform at: xianchurujing. Then click “办事大厅” for guidance. Please noted that during the period of epidemic

Coronavirus (Xi’an, Shaanxi): Important Facts and Stats [Updated 04/13]

Since the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) first came to the attention of the WHO on December 31, 2019, and the news about this unknown strain found in Wuhan broke in early January, life in China has seemingly become a rollercoaster of

Hiring Now: Alibaba Global Talent Development Program

The Alibaba Global Talent Development (AGTD) Program is now looking for people with an international background to take part in Alibaba’s globalization journey as full-time employees. ​ 阿里巴巴全球人才发展项目(AGTD)正在寻找具有国际背景的全职人才参与阿里巴巴的全球化之旅。 AGTD composed of positions in key globalization business units including Tmall Import and

Top 20 Apps in China

Turbocharge your experience in China by adding these apps to your arsenal. If you haven’t noticed already people in China’s lives are dominated by their mobile phones, from mobile payments to transport, your mobile phone can be used to do almost

January Foreign Movies in Xi’an 1月上映的外国电影

Xi’an saw 7 foreign movies screened throughout December, 2019. Happy New Year! This month we welcome 9 more movie in Xi’an. Let’s check out 9 foreign movies being shown this month below.  上个月有七部外国电影在西安先后上映。新年快乐!一月我们即将迎来9部新的外国电影上映,一起来看本月的9部外语电影吧! -Friday, January 3, 2020- La vita è bella 美丽人生 měi lì rén shēng Director: Roberto Benigni Country: Italy Actors: Roberto

2019 New Year’s Eve in Xian

2019 is coming to an end, it’s time to celebrate! There are dinners, drinks specials, parties and big nights out to help you bring in 2020. Which will you choose? 1. Dinners 2. Bars New Year’s Eve Party @ Bar

2019 Christmas Events in Xi’an Overview

If you’re spending Christmas in Xi’an this year then you’re in luck, as there is an abundance of events, parties, restaurant offers and delicious hotel dinners for you to get involved in in the city over the festive season. 1.