Taikoo Li Xi’an to Open at the Small Wild Goose Pagoda in 2025

Swire Properties announced on 4th March that it will partner with Xi’an Cheng Huan Cultural Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (“Xi’an Cheng Huan Cultural”), a state-owned subsidiary of Xi’an Qujiang New District Management Committee, to develop Taikoo Li Xi’an. This

2021 Xi’an Christmas Events Overview

If you’re spending Christmas in Xi’an this year, there are various restaurant offers and delicious hotel dinners for you to get involved in in the city over the festive season. For obvious reasons, please do check with the venue before

24h COVID Test Centers in Xi’an

 How to find 24 hours nucleid acid test centers  一键查询距您最近的24小时核酸采样点  There are 81 places in Xi’an where you can obtain a COVID-test around the clock, check out where they are. 全市81家机构, 看看哪家离你最近? 1. Open the Xi’an Health App or Mini-Program 手机应用市场搜索“i西安”,下载APP或长按识别二维码,进入下载页面、“i西安一码通”小程序; 2. Choose the

COVID-19: Xi’an on High Alert

 Several confirmed COVID Cases Visited Xi’an 确诊病例到访西安多处  On July 30th, it was announced that two recent confirmed Covid-19-positive Chongqing cases visited Xi’an from July 21 to 24. On July 21, the confirmed Covid cases took the K692 train (carriage 13) from West Chongqing to Xi’an South railway

Japanese Restaurants in Xi’an

If you are looking for some good Japanese food in Xi’an, we have created a list for you! KOI 锦䲞日本料理 One of the highest quality Japanese restaurant in Xi’an. Besides table seating, there are also private rooms, perfect for couples or group of friends who want more privacy. They

Best Bars in Xi’an

There are so many bars in Xi’an its impossible to give a good overview of them all, but there are some watering holes definitely worth checking out if you are new in town, or just visiting and want to get

Xi’an Metro Line 14!

 Good news!  Xi’an Metro Line 14 is open now!  The new line connects the Airport (T1, 2, 3), the North Train Station and Heshao.  西安地铁14号线号北客站(北广场)至贺韶区段 正式投入载客与既有机场城际贯通运营统一为西安地铁14号线  Route  Airport W. (T1, 2, 3) – Konggangxincheng – Yishuzhongxin (Art Centre) – Baiqizhai – Changling –

Xi’an Kids Outdoor Summer Camp

Summer 2021 is something we’re all looking forward to!Are you and your kids looking for a unique experience coming summer?Check out a fun outdoor bilingual camp that you don’t want to miss!最好玩的夏令营来啦!西安【经典美式双语户外营】全新升级! 5年超过2000+的好评反馈,你一定不想错过.  GKC International Summer Camp  西安·经典美式户外双语营  连续四年,一位难求,超过2000+妈妈的不二选择 漂流·皮划艇·滑雪·攀岩·溜索·射箭·正装晚宴·英文戏剧·跨文化交流

Best spots to enjoy the nightscape in Xi’an

Xi’an is known as the city that never sleeps. As the night sets in, the whole city lights up and exudes a fascinating charm of history. Check out our picks of the best spots and start exploring the city. 素有不夜城之称的西安,随着夜幕降临,各处慢慢亮起的璀璨灯光为城市增添了温馨的点缀,散发着迷人的魅力。以下是我们为您精心挑选看夜景的最佳景点。

Top 20: Places To Visit in Xi’an!

Enjoy the beautiful scenic nighttime view of the Bell Tower A stately traditional building, that marks the geographical center of the ancient capital. The wooden tower is the largest and best preserved of its kind in China and during the

Vaccinations For Foreigners in Xi’an are OPEN

•  Xi’an has finally started COVID-19 vaccination for foreign nationals in the city.  Foreign nationals in age-specific groups who voluntarily want to participate, give informed consent and assume personal responsibility for risk, can take COVID-19 vaccine. • 西安外籍人员疫苗接种点现已开放。 地点:高新医院,中心医院,第三人民医院。  What type

2021 New Year Events in Xi’an

1. Hotels  Gran Meliá  12.31: New Year Countdown Night Date: December 31 Please Scan the QR Code for details. Address:曲江新区曲江池西路 1666 号1666 Qujiangchi West Road, Qu Jiang New District, Xi’an CityTel: (029) 6821 6666  Hilton Xi’an High-Tech Zone  12.31: New Year’s Eve Dinner

Xi’an Metro Lines 5, 6 & 9!

Big news!  Xi’an Metro has officially opened Line 5, Line 6 (phase 1) and Line 9! 2020年12月28日9点30分 西安地铁 5号线、6号线一期、9号线 正式投入载客服务! As of today, Xi’an has 8 metro lines, making it 9th in line for the longest metro (in terms of track length) nationwide.  目前,西安5、6、9三条地铁线将于年底前相继开通,届时,西安开通了地铁线路将达8条(含西安机场城际铁路),总里程数将跃至全国第9。

Viral LED Screen in Xi’an!

​Incredible LED screens in Xi’an has been going viral around the world ! Xi’an   西派国樾 CITYPARK   Xi’an Software New City, Hi-Tech District  This so-called stereoview 3D technology isn’t new – these tricks of the eyes can be traced back to the Renaissance, where three-dimensional pictures

Xi’an Metro Line 5! 西安地铁五号线!

Good news! On December 8, Xi’an Metro Line 5 launched a trial-ride experience for medias and citizens, as the first batch of passengers. According to the city plan, three of Xi’an’s metro lines, line 5, line 6 and line 9 will be

2020 Xi’an Christmas Events

If you’re spending Christmas in Xi’an this year then you’re in luck, as there is an abundance of events, parties, restaurant offers and delicious hotel dinners for you to get involved in in the city over the festive season. Reservations

Halloween Events in Xi’an 2020

​ Happy Halloween! 🕸️万圣节快乐🎃 We‘ve got all the events happening in Xi’an 嘿西安为你呈上 throughout the week 万圣节期间各类本地活动 Events range from horror shows to Halloween-themed beer nights! There’s something for everyone, depending on how much ghost and gore you can tolerate! Get your ghoul on this Halloween

Xian: Chasing a New Generation

Source: EEO Video Xian is an age-old ancient capital in Chinese history. In the Western Han Dynasty, it was the eastern starting point for the grand Silk Road. During the Sui and Tang dynasties, it became the largest city in

The Autumn Treats of Xi’an

Autumn in Xi’an is something truly special to behold. As the Fall sets in across our city, we thought we’d share some of the special delicacies, snacks and treats that warm our hearts – perhaps you’ll discover some you’ve never

How to Verify Your Alipay

Since March 2019, online payment systems have tightened their regulations, forcing many people to re-verify their info to use Alipay. Currently, the reason why both Alipay is asking some users to update their ID information is unknown. There has been