Month: February 2020

COVID-19 Myth Busters 这些谣言到底是真是假?

The Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan has led a lots of people to seek advice in WeChat groups, to appease their anxieties – however as we’re sure you’ve noticed, this can create a lots of unverified and contradictory information. And lots of panic. We uncover the true

A Look into Wuhan during the Coronavirus

How’s life for people in Hubei province, especially in Wuhan during the outbreak? We’ve selected some touching pictures, just like the banner says: “Be moderate. Don’t stress. Don’t panic. Keep calm. Carry on as normal.”. Let us pray for Wuhan

Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare in Xi’an

To effectively prevent and control the current pneumonia epidemic of a new coronavirus, Shaanxi Province initiated the level-1 public health emergency plan on January 25. Although nationwide COVID-19 control efforts have achieved initial results, but the turning point is yet

PSB offices in Xi’an

There are 16 Exit-Entry Administration Division of Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau now, below are the info: You can also follow the official WeChat platform at: xianchurujing. Then click “办事大厅” for guidance. Please noted that during the period of epidemic