Month: July 2021

Japanese Restaurants in Xi’an

If you are looking for some good Japanese food in Xi’an, we have created a list for you! KOI 锦䲞日本料理 One of the highest quality Japanese restaurant in Xi’an. Besides table seating, there are also private rooms, perfect for couples or group of friends who want more privacy. They

Best Bars in Xi’an

There are so many bars in Xi’an its impossible to give a good overview of them all, but there are some watering holes definitely worth checking out if you are new in town, or just visiting and want to get

Xi’an Metro Line 14!

 Good news!  Xi’an Metro Line 14 is open now!  The new line connects the Airport (T1, 2, 3), the North Train Station and Heshao.  西安地铁14号线号北客站(北广场)至贺韶区段 正式投入载客与既有机场城际贯通运营统一为西安地铁14号线  Route  Airport W. (T1, 2, 3) – Konggangxincheng – Yishuzhongxin (Art Centre) – Baiqizhai – Changling –