Month: June 2020

Hairdressers in Xi’an

Finding worthy hands to entrust your locks into can be a complicated process even without a language and culture barrier. We often have to resort to bringing a photo of the style we want or headshots from a few angles

How to Get your Driving License in Xi’an

In mainland China, you can’t drive with an International Driving Permit (IDP), nor with permits obtained in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. Written exams can be done in English in Xi’an Where to obtain your driving license in Xi’an: Xi’an

A Guide to Paying Utility Bills in Xi’an

PAYING YOUR UTILITY BILLS AT THE CONVENIENCE STORE The simplest option of all for anyone without Chinese language resources, almost any convenience store will be able to scan the barcode on your paper bill and pay it into your utility

Families Activities in Xi’an 西安家庭活动指南

We all know Xi’an packs a cultural and historical punch, but what if you have got little kids with you? There are a surprising amount of places, both in and outdoors, that both children and the whole family will enjoy.

Xi’an Kindergartens to Open on June 8

As the last batch of students (and even more parents) eagerly wait to return to school, the Xi’an Municipal Education Commission announced on May 27, that qualified kindergartens in Xi’an will be able to gradually reopen,  starting from Monday June 8th.   5月27日上午,西安市教育局发布《关于做好2020年春季学期幼儿园开学工作的通知》,通知中提到, 6月8日(星期一)起,西安市具备开园条件的幼儿园可陆续开学。 Kindergartens may choose their opening date upon approval