As the last batch of students (and even more parents) eagerly wait to return to school, the Xi’an Municipal Education Commission announced on May 27, that qualified kindergartens in Xi’an will be able to gradually reopen,  starting from Monday June 8th.  

5月27日上午,西安市教育局发布《关于做好2020年春季学期幼儿园开学工作的通知》,通知中提到, 6月8日(星期一)起,西安市具备开园条件的幼儿园可陆续开学。

Kindergartens may choose their opening date upon approval from the district education department. The notice states that parents can voluntarily choose whether they want their children to return to kindergarten. Children who decided not return to the kindergarten this semester can retain their degrees and no fees will be charged.



Now that Xi’an and other cities like Chengdu have announced start dates for the rest of their students, this is a good indication of when school will open in other provinces. Note that the kindergarten’s summer vacation dates have not been announced yet.


Image: 新华网

Author: Hey_Team