Month: September 2019

2021 National Games coming to Shaanxi | 陕西省将举办全运会

中华人民共和国第十四届运动会(又称“全运会”)将于2021年在陕西省举办。申办全运会成功,宣告西部地区将首次举办国内最高水平的综合性体坛盛会。 The 14th National Games of China will be held in Shaanxi province in 2021. The success of bidding for the National Games means that west China region will hold a comprehensive sports event at the highest level for the first time. 自1959年举办以来,全运会每四年举办一次,除了它固有的体育属性,也已成为一门经济学。一届大型赛会,是带动一个城市的系统工程,是经济增长点也是惠民工程。

New Lisbon Direct Flight |西安直飞里斯本航线开通

A direct flight was launched on Aug.30 between Xi’an and Lisbon. With the new flight, Xi’an Xianyang International Airport has launched a total of 74 international air routes, reaching 60 cities.

Freshly Roasted Coffee in Xi’an |西安也能喝到的精品咖啡

Coffee culture in China has come a long way from convenience store coffee in a can, or instant with creamer – but great single-origin beans or locally roasted blends can still be hard to come by. .

September 27-29: Startup Weekend Xi’an #3 创业周末 • 西安站

【54小时的创业周末】从一个人到一个团队。停止空谈,立刻行动! Make friends, Build your Idea,Start a Company! 创业周末Startup Weekend Techstars Startup Weekend “创业周末”是54小时活动,旨在为技术和非技术企业家提供体验式教育。从星期五晚上的演出开始,继续通过头脑风暴,客户发现和基本原型创建,Techstars Startup Weekend在周日晚上的演示和演示中达到高潮。Techstars Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, customer discovery, and basic