Month: November 2019

Top Xi’an WeChat Groups|西安大国际群

Do you love or hate the constant noise and occasional spamming from WeChat groups? Let’s face it, many of us could not survive in Xi’an without our favorite groups.Some provide professional and practical advice while others offer entertainment…

How to Register Your Dog in Xi’an | 如何给狗狗办证

Nowadays, cities across China are releasing new sets of regulations on dog ownership. 如今,全国各地都在出炉关于养狗的新规定。 Some places also have been introducing harsh measures such as the restriction of dog walking hours and places and bans on certain breeds.部分地市出台了严厉措施,包括限制主人遛狗的时间和地点,以及禁养特定犬种。 It is important for you to

Surviving the Air Pollution in China | 雾霾季该怎么办?

Surviving the Air Pollution | 雾霾季该怎么办? Air pollution in China is generally falling, but due to the high AQI (Air Quality Index) readings, Xi’an now frequently ranks among the most polluted major cities in China. The pollution can be especially dangerous for sensitive