Month: July 2019

New Rules – Dogs are Prohibited in These Areas in Xi’an

If you have a dog in Xi’an you need to pay notice to the recent new rules regarding raising dogs which have been introduced, targeting No Dog areas in Xi’an and inappropriate behaviours on walking dogs in public areas are among the ban.

Waste classification categories in Xi’an

From September 1, the domestic waste classification implementation plan issued by the Xi’an authorities will be formally implemented. There will be four of waste classification categories: recyclable, harmful, kitchen waste and other garbage. Unlike Shanghai, Xi’an won’t have dry and wet garbage, but this waste will be more directly divided into other garbage and kitchen waste.

7 Foreign Movies to Xi’an in July

With summer hitting full flow and the school holidays starting there is no better time than to get the whole family together to watch some of the hottest new foreign movies.

WeChat: The Hidden Features

No matter how long you have spent in Xi’an, WeChat is likely to have come up in many conversations. The social media application can provide features to completely manage your life and your relationships.

Global Doctor Xi’an Newly Opened

Global Doctor China is a part of Singapore Fullerton Medical Group. It is the first China medical facility to provide the Western style family medicine services since 1999, and now it is a well-known brand of international medical service provider.

Direct flights from Xi’an to Moscow From July 1st

From July 1, China Eastern Airlines will be offering direct flights between Xi’an and Moscow. Flight MU5009 will depart twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday at 13:30 from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, arriving in Moscow 8 hours 30 minutes later, at 18:00 local time.