Finally, things are certainly getting closer to normality in the city! Many malls, gyms, restaurants, bars and other venues have re-opened, and it hopefully won’t be for too long until kids can go back to school, and events start popping up again.
终于,一切开始逐渐恢复正常了! 许多购物中心、健身房、餐馆、酒吧和其他场所都重新开放了,希望孩子们能尽快重返校园,各种活动也回归正轨。

Below the latest updates of what’s back!

 Schools Reopening 返校开学

According to the latest official information of the Shaanxi Education Bureau, the opening schedule of schools in Shaanxi is as follows:

• Starting from April 27, all colleges and universities can start to arrange students of graduation grade get back to school, after May 6, students from other grades can get back to school.陕西高校4月27日起错时开学

•High school 12th grade: March 30 三月三十日,全省高三年级开学。
• Junior school 9th grade, secondary vocational school senior grade: April 7 四月七日,全省初三年级、中等职业学校毕业班开学。

Image: 陕西省教育厅 

Other grades, international schools, special education schools, and kindergartens start date will be determined later on, but will be no earlier than April 7th. The order for reopening schools shall be: other grades of middle and high school – primary schools – international schools – special education schools – kindergartens.中小学校其他年级和幼儿园开学时间不早于初三年级,具体时间由各市(区)教育行政部门统筹确定,原则上按照“中学(含中等职业学校)其他年级——小学——国际学校、特殊教育学校和幼儿园”的顺序错时错峰开学。
The start date for colleges and universities will be announced at a later date, depending on the current epidemic situation at that time. 高等学校开学时间根据全国疫情防控情况另行通知,正式开学前学生不得提前返校。
The general rule is that these they will re-open after they get approval from the education office. Certain areas within regions may have their own rules, regulations and starting time. Therefore, it is important to stay connected to local announcements. 

流程大致是学校得到教育部批准后会重新开放。各区域可能有特定的规章制度和具体要求。因此,请以当地的通知为准。The Ministry of Education accounced that the Gaokao (the unified examination for the admissions of colleges and universities) is postponed to July 7-8.教育部宣布,高考(高校招生的统一考试)推迟到7月7日至8日举行。

Image: 陕西省教育厅

  School Holidays to be Reduced  


Provinces including Shaanxi have stressed that the total teaching time of the semester won’t be affected by the breakout, which is to say that they will take weekends and summer vacation to make up.包括陕西在内的省份已经强调,这学期的总教学时间不会受到疫情的影响,允许适当减短暑假和周末时间补开学延期而耽误的课程。

Image: Weibo 央视新闻

 Xian: What’s Open and Closed  

Since COVID-19 confirmed as pandemic by WHO, the virus is already impacting global, national, and local economies in quite a big way. In Xi‘an, shops, gyms, restaurants, bars, hotels, and private schools, are really starting to hurt.新冠肺炎在世卫组织宣布成为全球大流行病后,影响着全球各个国家和地方经济。在西安,商店、健身房、餐馆、酒吧、酒店和私立学校也都开始受到影响。
As businesses re-opened with certain precautions, please comply with the measurements like registration, temperature check upon entry, distance between tables, limited number of people in the venue, among others.由于商户重新开业需要采取一定的防范措施,请遵守入店时的登记、体温检查、餐桌之间的距离、场地内人数有限等规定。
It’s a really crucial time to come together as a community, and support the local businesses that we love. Or they will disappear forever. So make their day! 在当下这样的关键的时刻,让我们团结起来,支持热爱的地方产业,否则它们将永远消失。所以让他们开心吧!
We’ve made a list of restaurants, bars, touristic spots and other places. The list is updated daily, though please do contact us if any changes! Extract the QR code down below to find out which places are open, then click on the venue name to find their contact details.以下是最新的餐厅、酒吧、旅游景点和其他地方的名单。我们每天会更新信息,你可以扫描下方二维码查看哪些地方是开门的,点击地点名称可以跳转到地址和联系方式。如果有任何更新讯息,欢迎在找我们(@HeyXianPlatform)留言!

What’s Open (and Closed) in Xi‘an

Source: 陕西省教育厅

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