This Health Code is usable for cities in Shaanxi province, including Xi’an.

Search “WeChat” in your app store, download it, then register with your phone number to acquire a WeChat account.

After logging in, scan QR code down below which will lead you to the targeted mini program.

Xi’an COVID Health App

Shaanxi Province Health App

If your code is green, then you’re good to go.

Another code which isn’t widely recognized yet, but you might be able to use as alternative over time:

In order to cope with the COVID-19, China Government Network, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Health and Medical Commission launched the “Outbreak Itinerary and Control Itinerary Certification” mini-program to assist people in proving their most recent 14-day domestic and international itinerary. The mini-program also allow you to check the current risk levels for areas that you may be visiting. 

Although this may not be fully recognized at all places, this may be useful for those who have experienced trouble entering various locations over the past few days. It utilizes the same system that we covered in our guide to fixing a faulty QR code. Hopefully this will help everyone move freely abobut the city. 

To access the program, scan the QR code below to enter the mini-program.

Each will have a ranking next to it;

Low Risk (Green),

Medium Risk (Yellow),

High Risk (Red).

This is a good way to prove that you haven’t travelled in a High-Risk Area.

Also there’a way for your phone to

There’re two menu and options for you to choose. 

To receive your Outbreak Itinerary and Control Itinerary Certification, click the first option(疫情防控行程卡) and enter your phone number, click to receive a verification code, enter the verification code and press submit.

You will receive either a green arrow or a red heart. The green arrow means your last 14 day’s track is safe and good to go.

To check the current outbreak level in you city or city you would like to travel to, click the second option, which will provide you with a list of districts in your chosen area.

Author: Hey_Team